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In the food market Bertoli is recognized for superior quality and performance, making it a perfect addition to Interpump Group and GP Companies.

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The Margherita valve allows a 30% reduction of the homogenizer' s energy consumption,guaranteeing the maximum homogenizing efficiency with pressures 30% lower than the traditional homogenizing valves.

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Why Homogenize?
Ask Bertoli, a highly regarded manufacturer of high pressure homogenizers.


A wide variety of products, from food and dairy, to pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, require a finished product in which fats or oils will not separate from other elements. Homogenizing produces that perfectly stable end product.

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Margherita Valve

An innovative, patented valve exclusive to Bertoli Homogenizers.

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Atomo 3

3-Plunger Lab Homogenizer up to 21,000 PSI, 2 homogenization stages Suitable for liquid and viscous products

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Raffaello Series

Capacity up to 5,680 GPH

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